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Meeting in person is not advised due to COVID-19. Please submit North Brooklyn online meeting information in the comments:

North Brooklyn:

• Bleeding Deacons (Mon-Thu, 10:00 PM ET; Fri-Sat, 9:45 PM ET; Sun, 6:45 PM ET) Updated 3/17/20.

• Broad Highway (Wed, 7:00 PM ET) Updated 3/18/20.

• Brooklyn Artists in Recovery (BAiR) (Tue, Thu, Sun, 8:15 PM ET) Updated 3/17/20.

• Drink and Die (Men's meeting; Sun, 2:00 PM ET) Updated 3/17/20.

• Grace and Dignity (Women's meeting, Thu, 7:30 PM ET) Updated 3/17/20.

• Greenpoint Agnostics and Freethinkers (Mon, 8:15 PM ET) Password: 11222. Updated 3/17/20.

• Greenpoint Serenity (NA) (Sun, 6:30 PM ET) Updated 3/17/20.

• High Noon at One (Mon-Fri, 1:00 PM ET) Updated 3/19/20.

• No Human Power (Fri, 7:00 PM ET) Password: 071735 Updated 3/25/20.

• Resentment and a Coffee Pot, (Wed, 7:30 PM ET) Updated 3/18/20.

• Seven at Seven (Mon-Tue, 7:00 PM ET) Updated 3/17/20.

• Simply Saturday (Sat, 11:00 AM ET) Password: 717879. Updated 3/17/20.

• Storybook Theatre (Wed, 7:30 PM ET): Updated 3/18/20.

• Turning Point Group (Mon-Fri, 9:00 AM ET) Updated 3/17/20.

• Williamsburg Morning Higher Power (Mon-Fri, 7:15 AM ET) Updated 3/17/20.

Find more meetings online or by telephone:

• AA

• AA

• NA

• Mix of 12 Step Programs

For a comprehensive list of AA closures that are regional to NYC, visit:

For a comprehensive list of NA closures that are regional to NYC, visit:

Don't forget to submit an AA meeting closure to NY Inter-Group:

WHEN MEETINGS CLOSE, ALCOHOLICS DIE. PLEASE VOLUNTEER: Volunteers are needed to answer phones remotely (from home), and/or instant message on NY Inter-Group's homepage. A lot of alcoholics are reaching out and are in need of support right now! If you’re available to be of service, send an email to

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