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"The God Word, etc."

SENY Area 49 Approves District 404's Motion for Atheist & Agnostic Pamphlets

At the November 11, 2017, SENY Area 49 Assembly in Putnam County, District 404 made a motion from District 404 seeking the support of Area 49 in asking the General Service Conference for a pamphlet for atheist & agnostic members. It passed overwhelmingly (89 in favor, 16 against, 15 abstentions). A copy of the motion can be downloaded here.

District 404 has also voted to approve the pamphlet, “The God Word: Agnostics and Atheists in AA”, which is approved by the United Kingdom’s General Service Conference, be made available for meetings in North Brooklyn. We support the efforts being made to make this avaiaible as a conferenced-approved pamphlet in the United States and Canada. A copy of the pamphlet can be downloaded here.

District 404 is also home to three agnostic/secular/no-prayer A.A. groups: An Easier, Softer Way...; Greenpoint Agnostics & Freethinkers; and This Ungodly Hour.

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